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If You Can't Find What You Are Looking For Feel Free To Call Us M-F Between 8-3 At 239-549-5599.
Our Promise It To Always Get You To The Right Answer For You.   Helping You Is What We Do. 
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New Mobile Or Desktop Shortcut! Just use "FIND IT @ CityBizDirectory"    Here is a simple hack to help you find anything at CityBizDirectory from your computer, phone or pad in seconds.  This will save you time and money while keeping you from making mistakes using the wrong people. Remember, if they are with CityBizDirectory, we have done the work to check them out for you and stake OUR reputation on them! Click here to see this new shortcut and see how easy it is! 

NO, WE ARE NOT LIKE ANGIE'S LIST!  You probably have heard on TV and radio about why you should use Angie's List.  We have a bunch of reasons we think CityBizDirectory should be your resource to find the right answers.  Click here to see why you should use us and how we are NOT like Angie's List!

Why should you use CityBizDirectory instead of the phone book?  Because we do a great job of checking out businesses for you, and we monitor them to make sure they stay good!  We will save you time and money while eliminating nightmares dealing with unscrupulous businesses.  We're setting a new standard for good old fashioned integrity!  Click here for more reasons to use CityBizDirectory .

Supporting Local Business Is Good For Our Community!
Did you know that every dollar you spend in our community gets spent an average of 7 more times in our community throughout the year?  If you spend it here, it adds to our local jobs, supports local businesses, increases our tax base, creates parks and resources for you to use, and much more.  It also insures that quality local businesses will be here when you need them! If you spend your money outside of our community, you have cost our area 7 dollars of income resources, and taken away income that supports local businesses you need.  Use CityBizDirectory to help you find the best of the best and to save you time and money every time!  Keep it here and it will come back to you 7 times over!

Get the most out of CityBizDirectory  We have created a special page to let you in on all the "secrets" for using CityBizDirectory to your best advantage.  We are doing all we can to bring you the best in businesses and services in SW Florida, and we want you to know the easiest ways to access it.  Please take a minute and look it over so you can find what you want and need quicker and easier. 
Click Here For How To Use This Site.

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We want to thank you for using CityBizDirectory
You have proved to us that quality matters!  Evidently you have been telling your friends because the number of people using CityBizDirectory keeps increasing. Thank you all! Please know that we will always to do our best to qualify and monitor businesses (with your help) to make sure you always get a fair shake from someone who honestly wants and appreciates your business.  Your input lets us know how are businesses are doing so we can continue to bring you the kind of experience you expect and deserve.  Go To CityBizDirectory Now


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All of the businesses in CityBizDirectory are chosen for 
Use any of them with confidence! Now you can find what you need or want in 
the comfort of your own home.  And it sure doesn't hurt that you can 
print Online Savings Coupons while you are doing it! 

"Where Good Old Fashioned Integrity Is Setting The Standard For Business"

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