New Shortcut! Just use "FIND IT @ CityBizDirectory"

Do you have trouble finding what you want on Google?  Now anytime you want to find an honest, quality business with integrity the easy way,  just enter or Voice Search what you are looking for - then instead of saying your county or city (ex. Lee County or Cape Coral or Ft Myers) - just say CITYBIZDIRECTORY and the CityBizDirectory choice will be at the top of the choices! 

For example, say you are looking for a great pest control company ... type in or speak "PEST CONTROL CITYBIZDIRECTORY" and you will get the CityBizDirectory response at the top of the responses after the AD responses (AD responses will say AD in a box at the beginning of the listing).  These AD responses are paid for ads and have nothing to do with quality or reputation. 

"FIND IT @ CITYBIZDIRECTORY" works for anything we have a business for.  Just say "WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR" @ CITYBIZDIRECTORY and look for the CityBizDirectory response. 

And what if you don't find a CityBizDirectory response? 
Anytime that happens you can call us personally and we will help you!  Just because we don't have it listed doesn't mean we don't know where it is!  Put our number (239-549-5599) in your phone and use it.  We'll get back to you ASAP with who or what you need to know.  After all, we've been your local resource for quality businesses since March of 2000, and helping you is what we do!  ,






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