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Welcome to CityBizDirectory.  We are a local SW Florida web site that specializes in bringing plentiful information and online coupons for hand picked quality local businesses that are screened monitored by people just like you for performance, value and integrity. In other words, just because someone owns a business and has a checkbook does not mean they can be a member business in CityBizDirectory! The big thing we have to offer is our ability to choose and screen quality businesses. And, even if we accept them, don't think of them as paying for us to advertise them, but rather that they are posting a performance bond they can lose if you show us they are not performing up to our standards, because we fire them if they don't!  So, if you are ever in a situation of needing something and don't know who to use, you can trust that our business referrals will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our Toolbar consists of 2 rows of links across the top of the page.  These links will help you navigate around the site.  No matter what, if you get lost, the HOME button will bring you back to the main page to start over.

Use your BACK button in upper left of your browser to come back from any page that opens in the main frame area of CityBizDirectory.  Click the X at the top right of any page that opens in a new browser.

The SITE MAP in the toolbar will help you find additional information about our features and content to help you get maximum benefit from CityBizDirectory. See how you can win great prizes in our weekly Great GiveAway, use our Community Event Calendar to see what events are going on, use the Free Online Classifieds to buy or sell  just about anything, check out the FYI "For Your Information" links, use our Career section to find a job, and lots more!

OUR EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO YOU  If we give you a gift certificate to try one of our businesses, will you tell us how they did for you?  Just sign up for The Great GiveAway and watch for your name.  When you see it, call us, tell us what business you would like to try, (you can choose from any of them we offer...check out what is available in The Great GiveAway), then take your gift certificate to the business and try them out risk free. Once you have tried them, simply fill out a Business Performance Review. Once we receive your feedback, we will put your name back in so you can win again and again and again.  It's just that easy!  This is one of the ways we monitor the performance of our businesses.  This also means you can be confident when using any of our businesses.  Don't Play Phone Book Roulette! Use CityBizDirectory...because quality matters!

You can expand the page view size by simply clicking on F11 at the top of your keyboard.  You can get back to normal size by simply clicking F11 again.

You can open any link to be full screen by simply right clicking the link, and choosing the "Open In New Window" option.  To close the new window and return to your previous page, click the X at the top right of the new window.

The business listings are alphabetical by type of business.  At the top of the listings are jump links to help you get around faster. For example the [K-N] jump link will take you to the K listings, etc.

Listings will give you important information about the business, plus take you to Online Coupons you can print from your computer and save everyday, any web presence a business may have, email and Owner Profiles.

Owner Profiles will let you know who owns or runs a business, where they came from, how and why they got into that business, and their interests.  This lets you meet the owner and gives you some background about who you are doing business with.

Cross Reference Groupings are everything in CityBizDirectory that is related to that topic. Since many businesses do more than one thing, this is a great way to help find what you need and some things you may not have known or thought about.

If you don't find what you need in a listing, or can't figure out what a particular business might be listed under, we have provided a SEARCH feature from the tool bar and also the bottom of any listing page.  Put in an appropriate key word and it will search CityBizDirectory for results containing that keyword.

The eNewsLetter is a monthly online publication that lets you know about upcoming events, community information, and features relevant to CityBizDirectory.  It also contains all the New Businesses and Changes. You can get it from the site, or have it emailed directly to you a few days prior to being available on the site.  If you choose to receive the eNewsLetter by email, you will occasionally be given special promotions not available on the site version, plus you will be eligible for more opportunities to win prizes in The Great GiveAway.  We will never, ever give out your personal information to anyone under any circumstances!  Go to the Great GiveAway Online Sign Up in the SITE MAP for more information.

New Businesses and Changes are everything that is new in CityBizDirectory since the last eNewsLetter.  New businesses, changed specials and coupons and things relevant to the season. This is a great way to keep on top of what is new and changed.

Your feedback is important to us.  We use your input to make changes to our site, and to monitor our businesses and the way they perform for you.  Let us know what you think, we rely on and welcome your opinion and suggestions, and so do the businesses!  You would be surprised how many changes have come about both on the site and at our businesses by what you tell us! Go ahead, take some ownership and make CityBizDirectory and our businesses better for you!



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