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We know you know where to buy pork chops ...
But do you know where to find a good roofer,
Or carpet cleaner, or an honest plumber or mechanic?


We Are Built On Value & Service
We have heard the horror stories about unscrupulous businesses taking advantage of and misleading people.  The phone books and newspapers will advertise anything that someone will pay for.  Don't get caught in that trap!

CityBizDirectory Does The Due Diligence For You
The only thing we have to offer is our ability to choose
honest businesses.  Over 80% of our new businesses are direct referrals from our existing businesses, and we still check them out.  We want to know

It's Just Good Business
You see, we understand that if you have good experiences, you will continue to use us as your resource to find good businesses.  We also know that if you have a bad experience, you probably won't trust us anymore. So we go the extra mile to make sure you have good experiences!  Our name goes with them.  Think of it like the CityBizDirectory Seal Of Approval.

Why Don't We Have More In Some Categories?
Because we haven't found more good ones is usually the reason!  Do you know a quality business that should be in CityBizDirectory?  We'll even reward you for introducing us!  Check out how it works then make the call.

Why Do We Use You As Secret Shoppers?
By signing up for The Great GiveAway, you are helping us make our businesses better. 
 We will give you Gift Certificates to try our businesses FREE just for telling us how they do for you! Your feedback let's us know what we can do to help them serve you better. You would be surprised at what you have taught us and the differences your reviews have made!  Many businesses have become better because of you!  Click here to learn more.

Use All Of The CityBizDirectory Advantages
We have extensive listings, Online Savings Coupons, Topic Groupings to help you find related businesses easily, an exclusive Site Search to help you find what you want by keyword, Business Owner Profiles to let you know who owns the business and what they are like, and the brain trust of hundreds of time proven honest businesses that help us make good choices for new ones. We ask them because they know! We use all the resources at our disposal to insure you the best possible experience when you use CityBizDirectory.

Find Government & Community Resources & Info With Quick Links
We have compiled a complete resource guide to find what you need in an easy to use link section.  Find government & community offices, resources, and information all in one place.  
It contains all the local, state and federal links you will probably need to find what you are looking for plus it will tell you where the predators and pedophiles are in your neighborhood!  We are always working to keep your kids safe, you should, too!  The information is in here and is easy to find! Click for Quick Link Resource.

No, We Are NOT Like Angie's List!  
You probably have heard on TV and radio about why you should use Angie's List.  We have a bunch of reasons we think
CityBizDirectory should be your resource to find the right answers.  Click here to see why you should use us and how we are NOT like Angie's List!

We'll Give You $200 Just To Recommend Us!  
Right now, we are offering you a substantial reward by helping to make us more responsive to your needs.  
We will pay you $200.00 for every business you recommend that we accept as a member! 
Can you recommend more than one?  Sure!  But if everyone recommended just one, we would have thousands of quality business recommendations, coupon offers to provide savings on everything you do, and Great GiveAways galore!  But this $200.00 offer is for a limited time, so take advantage of it while it lasts! Click here for more information .

We Have A New Mobile Or Desktop Shortcut - Just Use "FIND IT @ CityBizDirectory" 
Here is a simple hack to help you find anything at CityBizDirectory from your computer, phone or pad in seconds.  This will save you time and money while keeping you from making mistakes using the wrong people. Remember, if they are on CityBizDirectory, we stake OUR reputation on them!
Click here to see how easy this new shortcut is to use!  

If You Are Tired Of
Always Remember You Can Rely On

Because Quality Matters!

By all of us working together and sharing information,
we can create the ultimate customer experience to help meet all your needs every time!  
Help us help you!

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