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Something to think about...If you have a simple tax return, we have great inexpensive choices for you.  If your return is a little more complicated, such as a business return or you have a lot of investments, remember that the cost of your actual tax preparation is not the only number you need to take into consideration...the number you end with is!  It may cost a little more to do the discovery to get you back more.  The real number is the net result plus the confidence that it is done properly and that your preparer will be there to stand by you if you happen to get audited. 

Make sure you weigh all the information before deciding whether to do your taxes on some store bought software or employ a professional tax preparer, then, if you decide to use a professional tax preparer, interview them to be sure you want to work with them.  Most reputable tax preparers will even go over your last year's return to make sure you got back all you have coming.  This process will give you some insight into the diligence and integrity of the preparer. After all, it is your money!

EMPLOYEE CARE PAYROLL·EMPLOYEE LEASING  Employee Care in Cape Coral specializes in Payroll Administration, Worker's Compensation, Human Resource Outsourcing and Safety Trainings for the Florida marketplace. At Employee Care we work hard to customize our employee solutions and accomplish our clients’ objectives by obtaining the best value to each client. We offer solutions for the Construction, Hospitality, Medical, Trades, Call Centers, Restaurants, and many others industries.  We also make sure you are in compliance with HR requirements.  Call 239-945-9988 for a free personal Employee Care consultation!

CRP SPECIALISTS  Caroline Passmore is a business consultant that has helped hundreds of small businesses with their financial, accounting and management operations here in Lee County.  Holding a CMA, an MBA and a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma allows her to provide additional CFO level services on an added value basis. Assisting with increasing business profit margin and tax planning are just a few examples of these services.  She also specializes in setting up accounting and bookkeeping systems to give business owners MANAGEMENT information to measure business performance. She believes you should be spending your valuable time increasing sales, not maintaining your books. She will show you how to work ON your business, not IN your business. BEFORE you even buy QuickBooks or any other accounting software, please contact Caroline and make an appointment to discuss your needs and goals so that you end up with the right products and services. Using Caroline is like having an MBA without the bill from the college! We have been providing bookkeeping for over 30 years, in both Lee and Collier County. We help businesses in both Xero and QuickBooks, being a Silver partner with Xero and an Advanced ProAdvisor with QuickBooks. You can be sure of getting a fair assessment of what you need the first time.

Economic Recovery Center Our main mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses find money in government programs and other specialty sources to help them recover/grow financially. This allows them to grow their business and service their clients more effectively without having to worry so much about finances. We are VERY COMPLIANCE DRIVEN, we do not get creative and we do not cut corners. There are NO up-front costs, we only get paid if the business receives money from our efforts. The main program we are servicing right now is the Employee Retention Credit.  There are billions of dollars yet to be claimed by the American Public. With dozens of programs, relief funds, and special source funding opportunities to choose from – there is no reason you shouldn’t have some more money in your pocket. We service multiple programs, both governmental and non-governmental in order to get you the most money possible. Let us help you source programs you qualify for and aid in the application to receive funds. We currently do not offer any specific "coupons" for our services as we don't get paid unless you qualify for and get paid for a program. Call us and let us explain how we help and what programs may be available to assist your business.  Remember, in most cases we don't get paid unless you do. And you will never get charged to find out what you might qualify for, so call today!

PORTFOLIO MEDICS  Are you concerned with stock market volatility and it’s impact on your retirement income? Are you open to a 2nd opinion? Portfolio Medics is a fiduciary, fee-only registered investment advisory firm based in Bonita Springs, FL. We focus on developing and managing investment portfolios for our clients. We represent our clients’ interests in all of the investment decisions we make on their behalf.  Our staff brings together the intelligence and expertise of professional investment associates from across the country. We work with multiple independent investment strategy developers and bring their investment strategies within reach of everyday investors. After looking at the data, we hand select the strategies we believe are well-positioned to provide strong risk/return profiles and only then include them in our clients’ portfolios.  We believe that investment success should not be tied to uncontrollable forces, such as systematic market risk. We believe you cannot have too much information, and an informed investor does better.  We invite second opinions and stress testing of existing portfolios as well as new investors that want to get started preparing for their future.  You work hard for your money.  Let us help you get your money working harder for you!  We'll ask it again, are you open to a 2nd opinion?


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