Is your company email address:
Your Company's Email Address Says A Lot About You!

“Advertise with us for free!”   Sure, the email account came free with your internet service but, just how much are they paying you to advertise their name on your business cards, your brochures, your web site & your mailings?  Matter of fact, they aren’t paying your company a single dime, you're paying them!  Why?  Own your business domain name and become and start advertising yourself!

Did you know?
If you upgrade your internet service to high speed or change to another internet service provider, you now have to pay for both services, until you tell everyone that you have changed your email address (In some cases, you don’t even have an option) from to  You have full control over all email that moves in or out of your business?  When you own your domain name, you can use it with any service you use!

Is your company without a web site or do you have one that does not bring in business effectively? 
“If you build it, they will come.”
  Doesn’t really stand true if they don’t know where you built it.  Just because you have a web site, doesn’t mean your going to get instant business!  If you have a web site with pages that are hard to read, hard to navigate through or just taking too long to load then why waste the time and money if it doesn’t work?

Did you know?
If your web site is ineffective or nonexistent, you are loosing potential clients every day?  If your web site is not advertised correctly, nobody will ever use it?  You can expect over 1000 potential clients every month from your web site alone, if you wanted to?  (Let’s be fair and say less than 10% become clients…not bad for $100 per/month in advertising costs.) 

Is your business still using paper?
“Save the trees!”
as they used to say, wasn’t really possible until now.  Just how much real-estate, money and time are you spending on paper?  Some companies must keep records/papers for 3, 7 and sometimes 12 years…you can imagine how cumbersome this can become down the road.  Companies send you faxes for free, but is it really free?

Did you know?
If you analyze your paper usage routes, you can streamline just about everything to go electronicIf you pay a flat rate per/month for sending unlimited faxes, you would save countless dollars on phone bills and time!  Most people don’t worry about the little things, and you don’t have to if you are set up properly. You will be surprised how much money, time and space you can save over the course of a year.

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