Workout Program Terminology     

When you are starting to consider a workout program, it is important to know some basic information.  There are many programs available, and they all are designed to bring specific results.  We recommend you look for a program that has a personal trainer to assist you in using the programs you require to bring about the results you desire. 

Some of the more popular programs are:

"Step & Sculpt" class is an introductory class designed to teach basic
aerobic terminology and movements using a 4" platform. This is a great
workout to burn calories because it's easy to follow and combines body
sculpt routines.

"Low Impact" is an entry level fat-burning aerobics class in which one
foot remains on the floor (with high impact aerobics, both feet may leave
the floor momentarily during a routine); fun but basic choreography. This
class builds endurance for transitioning to intermediate classes.

"Body Sculpt" is a total body conditioning work-out using weights, bars
and bands to improve strength and endurance.  Most aerobic classes include
this training component.

"Stretch & Conditioning" classes are balanced periods of muscle stretching
and sculpting resistance toning exercises designed to increase flexibility,
balance and strength.

"Hi-Low Impact" classes is an intermediate class for everyone.
 Choreographed aerobic routines designed to easily permit personal
modification to a higher or lower cardiac target rate.

"Step & Body Flex" is a fun intermediate aerobic class which combines
weight bars with choreography to keep you moving at your target heart rate.
"Advanced Step" is a high intensity class with combos and power moves that
build cardiovascular endurance.  Instructors may use two platforms to
double the challenge.

"Step Interval" is an intermediate combination class to build
cardiovascular endurance by alternating use of platforms and weights.
"Cardio Mix" class combines HI-Lo Aerobics, Step, and Body Sculpt for the
ultimate way to cross train and increase cardiovascular fitness.  An
excellent work out for all levels.

"Kick Boxing" is not karate but a mixed martial art and sport boxing
class.  This fast paced and dynamic metabolic workout is choreographed to
popular music.

If you are trying to change your body shape, loose weight, build lean
muscle tissue or build your cardiovascular system, we suggest you do two to
three workouts per week.

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