Things To Know When Renting A Limousine For A Homecoming Or Prom For Minors 

Do you know that a good reputable limousine company will require parental consent forms for homecoming and proms transportation for all high school students?

This form will be signed by all students who enter the cars and by a contact parent who will be notified by the chauffeur if there is any irregular behavior of the students.  Students should not be allowed to consume or have in their possession any illegal substances. Other stipulations may be required by the limousine company to protect the students, driver and limousines. These should be explained to all who sign and answer any questions at that time.

The contact parent will be the one whom the chauffeur will call to notify them of any occurrences during the hired time frame.  Make sure that you use a reputable limousine service that is looking out for your interests and for your children's protection!

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