Tarot Cards and How To Receive A Good Reading:  

 No one really knows where the Tarot originated, or how or why it works, but for hundreds of years, the Tarot has been a source of mystery and fascination and we have used them to gain access to a deeper understanding of ourselves and discover deeper meaning in our lives.

 The Tarot can be approached in two basic ways: to glimpse the future, and to discover meaning behind the events and forces in our lives.  The first approach, to divine the future (and usually the reason one decides to get a reading in the first place), can be fun and fruitful, but this is only one dimension of the Tarot.  The Tarot is much better suited to discovery, and through it we can gain knowledge of the Self, which helps us to realize our fullest potential.  

The key to the metaphysical meanings of the Tarot lies in understanding symbols.  Symbols speak directly to us.  They imply something greater than the obvious surface meaning and take our minds to ideas beyond the grasp of reason.

When a card reader “reads” your cards they are actually tuning in to your subconscious mind and picking up on your essences. You put those essences into the cards when you shuffle them.  How good or bad the reading is really depends on you.  The best way to get a good reading is to be quiet.  You should not have to give any information to the reader other than your first name.  The reader will first say a prayer over the cards.  This is basically “cleaning” the cards so that when handed the cards you will receive a fresh deck.  You will then be asked to shuffle them.  This step is important because while shuffling the cards, you are putting your essences into those cards.  The reader will then lay out the cards. 

When the reader actually begins the reading it is important that you watch your body language and facial expressions.  You want the reader to read the cards, not your body language. Do not feed the reader. This means do not nod your head in response to something the reader says.  Try not to give the reader any indication of whether or not they have touched on some aspect of your life.  Most good readers will not ask you questions during a reading.  You are after all paying them to answer your questions, not the other way around.  Another point to remember is that sometimes you may have a question that does not get answered in the course of the reading.  This usually happens when the Divine in our lives has decided that there are more important issues in our lives that need to be dealt with first.

Receiving a card reading is not only an enjoyable experience, but it is also a tool that we can use to find out more about our Inner-Self. The better we get to know our Inner-Self, the better we get to know the Divine.  (After all, that Divine is within us all.)

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