Should You Use A Collar or Harness For Your Dog?      
by Darlene Sumner, Owner Of Little Paws Bakery and Boutique

If you ask most people, “Which do you use, a collar or a harness?” most people really haven’t given it much thought. They have traditionally used collars, so they naturally use a collar when acquiring a new pet. Without even thinking about physical comfort or if their new pet should even be wearing a collar, it’s off to the local major pet store to buy a nylon collar, usually because they last so long. 

Not all dogs should wear collars. Most small dogs are susceptible to collapsed tracheas, and a collar could cause permanent damage to the trachea and may even result in death to the dog. A harness is much safer for small dogs. 

But there are factors to consider when choosing a harness: Fit is important. Does the piece of plastic used to adjust the harness fall right behind the front shoulder and will the constant rubbing of the nylon cause chafing? Does it chafe in other areas? If so, that harness is not for your dog. Weight should also be considered. In summer a lightweight harness may be more appropriate than a heavier, warmer harness.

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