Proper Care of Your Car's Interior         

 Due to the fact that automobile interiors have progressed into new levels of design and function, we have experienced a number of problems that face today’s auto owner that may have been avoided if they knew the cause of the problem. 

Most people do not know what the manufacturer of these materials have to say about care and cleaning of their products. We are confused by all the products advertised as miracle “Keep you car good as new” preservatives. Actually most synthetics such as vinyl or plastic seat, door and trim parts last very well with only mild cleanings. 

Ultraviolet light from the sun coupled with dirt and body oils will deteriorate even the best of materials, but adding some of the chemicals that make these materials SHINE may and does cause damage that is not easily or affordably repaired. 

Products that contain petrochemicals should NEVER be used, especially on leather no matter how good TV makes Armor All out to be. Petroleum based products are sold by many different companies, are fairly inexpensive and can be found most anywhere. DO NOT USE THEM IN YOUR CAR! 

There are alternative products available. 303, Lexol and Wolfsteins are name brands that have leather and vinyl care products suited for and approved by top and interior manufacturers to help you avoid premature repairs.

Information provided as a complimentary FYI