Hurricanes and your Pool 

Hurricane season is upon us.  Soon We’ll be glued to the Weather Channel.  As storms approach, we get a lot of frantic calls.  Print this page and put it on your fridge and you won’t have to call. 

As the Storm Approaches:

Don’t drain your pool
Properly constructed pools have overflows that drain excess water.  And, pool decks are constructed to drain water away from the horse.  Emptying a pool is dangerous because an empty pool can pop out of the ground by floating on the ground water.

Turn off the Power to the Pool Equipment
Turn off the circuit breaker to the pool equipment.  If the motor starts while sitting in a puddle of water, it is a good bet it will be destroyed.

Secure the Pool Area
Remove or secure pool furniture and toys that will blow around.  You can place plastic furniture in your pool.

After the Storm

Remove Objects and Debris
Any metal item left in the pool can stain the finish.

Check the Electrical System
Before restarting the pool pump, allow the motor to dry for at least 24 hours.  If the equipment was underwater or you suspect damage, have us check it out before restarting.

Add Extra Chlorine to the Pool
All the rain will have diluted the chlorine, and for that matter, all of the chemicals necessary to have balanced pool water.

Monitor the pool for the Next Few Days
Make sure everything is operating properly.

If you need more advice about what to do with your pool, Click Here.

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