There is a variety of programs to assist students in SAT Prep, and each can help students score well on the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) used by colleges and universities for admission and placement.  Preparation sessions may be done within a school by its staff or also available are Prep sessions which include 24 hours of small group instruction (six students max per group) in math and verbal strategies presented by highly qualified instructors, and two Practice Tests.  The course emphasizes critical thinking, critical reasoning, and problem solving strategies as well as test-taking techniques in the areas of math-algebra-geometry and reading comprehension and vocabulary.  In sum, participants not only prep for the SAT but also learn college-level study skills.  The depth of this preparation has proven to raise an individualís scores 150-200 points on a combined score.

Most SAT Prep is intended for high school students who really want to score well on the SAT.  Students are expected to attend every session, complete every test, do all the homework assignments, and make a serious attempt to learn and practice the math and verbal strategies taught.  Prep sessions are offered in the summer as well as throughout the school year just prior to each national SAT testing date.

Students who attend all sessions can expect an increase in the scores of up to 200 points for verbal and math areas combined.  These sessions allow a student who has anxiety in a testing situation to become acclimated to the demands of the test, and therefore feel less anxious about it.

When practice tests indicate a deficit in a given area, you need to be sure the program offers individual instruction which will help the student become better prepared for the next time he or she takes the test.  Taking the six-week series of Prep sessions is a solid step in the direction of getting into a good school. 

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