Update Your Pool — Heat Your Pool 

Enjoy your pool year-round 
Add a heat pump or solar heater.  Solar heating has the lowest operating expenses.  Heat pumps work when solar can’t and don’t require panels on your roof.

Add a Pool Blanket and Roller
Pool Blankets reduce evaporation and work like a greenhouse to eat your pool.  They will pay for themselves in lower heating costs.  A roller makes the blanket easy to handle.

Make Your Own Chlorine
Have a salt chlorine generator installed, which will automatically make chlorine.  A low level of salt like “bath salts” is added to your pool and helps make the water silky smooth.

Chlorine Sensitive?
Ozone is “energetic oxygen” which is a very powerful sanitizer.  Ozone systems generate ozone and treat the water as it is circulated.  You can use less chlorine with an ozone system.

Automate Your Pool
Automation systems allow you to control your waterfall, spa, heater or whatever from anywhere in your house.

Add a SAM Light  
A SAM Light replaces your existing pool light.  It cycles through an array of shimmering colors or you can stop it at the color that matches your mood.  It’ll light up your next party!

Refinish Your Pool
Marcite is extinct.  The most common finish is DiamondBrite or SunStone.  They are strong and durable bus sometimes a little rough.  PebbleTech is a premium finish that tends to be smoother

Decked Out
Cement based decks such as Deco topping, SprayCrete and SunDeck are all good.  If you want an upscale look, go with pavers.  They look great and last a long time.

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