12 Most Critical Components to A Vehicle’s Safety

  1. Battery/Electrical System (If ignored your vehicle will not run  -- it is literally the power behind your vehicle).
  1. Brakes (Ignoring faulty or failing brakes is deadly serious – if you can’t stop your vehicle someone could get injured or worse!)
  1. Cooling System (A hose in need of replacement or a hole in the radiator can cause your engine to overheat – inconvenient and expensive!)
  1. Drive Line (Transmission, Drive Shaft, CV joints – these critical components deliver power from the vehicle’s engine to the wheels).
  1. Emission Control (Emissions aren’t something only environmentalists care about!  Plus a faulty emission control system affects your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance as well).
  1. Fluids (Your vehicles fluids need to be replenished or flushed and replaced periodically to keep everything running smoothly.  Keep an eye on the following fluids: brake, transmission, power steering, antifreeze/coolant, engine oil and windshield washer fluid).
  1. Fuel System (The fuel and air filters need to be changed when they become dirty. Air and fuel are carefully combined for proper combustion).
  1. Ignition System (Worn plugs need to be replaced for smooth performance and stars).
  1. Lighting (The lights on your vehicle are there so you can see and be seen.  It is important that ach one is doing its job.
  1. Steering/Suspension (The steering/suspension will keep your vehicle from hopping, skipping and jumping)
  1. Tires (Wear, under-inflation or over inflation can lead to accidents and vehicle failure.).
  1. Windshield Wipers/Washer Fluid (It is important to see where you are going at all times – safety first!)


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