10 Cleaning Tips Using Common Household Items 

1) To remove grease easily from stove tops try a little baking soda on a damp sponge.

2) Baking soda can also be used for scrubbing sinks and bath tubs and will leave a nice shine.

3) Use old dryer sheets to dust television and computers screens. This will clean screens and also reduce static and will help stop dust from settling again.

4) To clean up animal hair rub area with dryer sheet, this will pick up all loose hairs.

5) Use old dryer sheets on shower doors for cleaning to help remove soap scum.

6) For skid marks on linoleum floors rub with toothpaste before mopping.

7) Remove crayons from walls rub with a little toothpaste.

8) Toothpaste will shine bathroom fixtures.

9) To clean spills in your oven pour salt on spills before they cool. When cold brush away the burnt on food with a damp sponge.

10) Stickers can be removed from wood by saturating sticker with white vinegar, let it soak then scrape off.

Information provided as a complimentary FYI